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Land as Still Life

"On her website, Maine painter Lane Williamson says this of her landscape works: 'A winter thicket covered at dawn with hoary frost or the underside of an ancient tree uprooted in a damp forest challenge me to focus on what at first might seem insignificant: the oddity of a moment in portrait, the land as still life.' Well put."

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Former Newburyport Artist Uncovers Mysteries in the Everyday World

"Lane Williamson understands trees, marshes and dunes."

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Out in the Open for Artist Walk-and-Talk

"In the exhibit, titled "Out in the Open Secrets," she restructures nature's architecture and tempts the viewer to recognize their own assumptions about the visible world."

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New Paintings by Lane Williamson

"Williamson now lives and paints on an island several miles off the coast of Maine. Known for her large works, she recently created a series of small paintings that reveal ordinary subjects as extraordinary."


Gallery Presents New Work by Maine Artists

The current show shares new work from six seasoned Maine artists who invite the viewer to share their "After Image" experiences. After images are the artist's beginning point. From the outset of the process, artists must grapple with exterior or interior images as they create.